Currency Exchange

Skip the long wait at the currency exchange counter or bank at your airport. Go for convenience and buy your currency before you leave! Higgins Travel Leaders sells foreign currency for over 100 countries through our Eau Claire office, so you can be free to start your trip as soon as you arrive in your destination.

Here are a few helpful tips to know:

Please plan accordingly as currency can take up to three (3) days to receive your order.  We recommend you purchase your currency a week prior to the departure date of your trip.

All transactions are CASH ONLY - no checks, debit cards or credit cards. Currency must be paid for at time of order. The transaction fee for ordering currency is a flat fee of $18.

Do you have foreign currency that you would like to sell? We buy back foreign currency! COINS are NOT accepted for buy back for any type of currency including Euros. Please note that the "sell" rate is lower than the "buy" rate. The transaction fee for selling back your currency is a flat fee of $18.

A note on exchange rates: The exchange rates you find online via currency converters are often wholesale and not available through our office. We offer a competitive exchange rate. Please call to find out the exchange rate for that day. Exchange rates change daily - sometimes even more than once a day!

We do not sell or cash foreign drafts. We do not offer traveler's checks or prepaid cards.

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